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Mauro Zlotnic has been a professional language instructor, translator and  interpreter since 1976. He holds the highest degree  available in Brazil in translation (English-Portuguese and Portuguese-English) and interpretation (English-Portuguese and Portuguese-English).

All along he has also been teaching Portuguese and ESL, in Brazil, Venezuela, and Canada.

Mauro lived in São Paulo, Brazil, until 2000, where he interpreted for the Itamarati (Brazil's Ministry of Foreign  Affairs), Brazilian Governors, Ministers and First Ladies, as well as the Consulate General of the U.S.A., U.S. Secretary of Commerce, under Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of Agriculture, visiting U.S. Mayors, Governors and Judges. As for the private sector, his clients are Fortune 500 companies, and his main areas of expertise are  Business, Telecommunications and Information Technology.

In Vancouver, Canada, since 2000, he has interpreted for the former Governor General of Canada–Her Excellency Adrienne Clarkson, Visa International, Industry Canada, Organization of the American States (OAS), and CAE Machinery.

He is now a Portuguese Language Tutor and Instructor in Vancouver.

He is a musician, and his hobbies include snow shoeing, hiking and chess.

For more information about Mauro's interpreting work, visit www.vancouverinterpreting.com.

Mauro Zlotnic


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